6 ways by which you can disable the automatic sign in Hotmail option

Sign in Hotmail is very simple step.Most of you must be of the habit to keep yourself logged in to your email accounts so that you can get your works done faster. But what if someday you require removing that option? Many a times, like when you give your device for repair or may just give it to a friend, you might require disabling the automatic sign in Hotmail option; for such times, here are the steps that you will require following (applicable only for Windows 10 devices):

The first thing is to simply go to the and then start following the steps below. Remember, you will first require signing in automatically and then can disable it.

    • First disable the option saying, Microsoft Account Sign in Assistant. Remember, once you do this, you will also lose your automatic sign in to the associated accounts of Microsoft- like the Ms Office, OneDrive, etc. How to disable the option? Here are the steps to follow:
    • First, go to the option in your device desktop saying start and type there msconfig and press enter
    • Now go to the services tab and select the column named services. You
    • After this, keep scrolling down to find the option saying Microsoft Account Sign in Assistant

  • Once you have found it, disable it by simply removing the selected mark or the check mark that you will find beside the option
  • Now click on the option saying apply.
  • And then you will be required to confirm the setting by clicking on to the option Ok.
  • Now restart your device. And again sign in to the account and follow the next steps.
  • Now you will require clearing the cookies and the cache of the browser. The cookies are mainly responsible for tracking and keeping a record of all the information that you save and aids to the process of signing in automatically. Clearing the cache and the cookies will stop any automatic sign in to your account (this is until you get signed in again or until you disable the option discussed in the next step). Now clearing browser cache and cookies are different in different browsers. Here I have given the process to clear cache and cookies for the most commonly used Windows 10
  • For internet explorer-
  • Select the button called safety.
  • Then select the option saying delete or clear browsing history
  • Now select the option saying cookies. You will require marking it by the side of it.
  • If you do not want to get your favourites marked in the browser deleted, then check or select the option saying preserve favourite
  • After all these click on delete and you are done
  • For Chrome
  • Open the browser and go to the option saying toolbar
  • Now click on the option saying more tools
  • And then go and select the option saying clear or delete browsing data
  • Now you will find a box opening up. Look for the options of cookies and caches for data images and so on. Check or select each of them
  • Now go to the menu option you will find at top. Here you will require selecting the time period for which you want to clear data of. If you want to clear data right from the beginning select the time from beginning to delete all
  • And now you will require clicking on the option saying clear or delete browsing history and you are done
  • For Firefox
  • Click on the menu option after opening the browser
  • Now choose the option saying history and then clear all the recent history. You will get to choose the time frame for which you want to clear the data of. If you want to get everything deleted then, choose everything option instead of choosing the time frame
  • Now look down to find the option saying details.
  • The option is like a drop-box and you will require clicking on to the arrow beside it to get the drop-box.
  • Now select only the options saying cache and cookies. Please ensure that you do not put a check on the other options apart from these.
  • Now click on the option saying clear now. And you are done.
  • Now you will require disabling the option that says, either keep me signed in or says remember me. This is to make sure that you need to put o password for each time signing in. you will require doing it soon you delete or remove the browser cache and cookies. For doing this:
  • First go to and then start signing in to your Hotmail account.
  • Once you get to the page where you will require putting your password. You will find the option there. Simply uncheck that box. And proceed with the sign in process.You can easily register a Hotmail email
  • You are
  • You can also go with the option of disabling any cookies or cache for the browser or the particular website. As already stated above, cookies play a very important role in the process of automatic sign in process. Therefore, this can also be an option to protect your password from getting auto saved to the browser for the time being.
  • Another great option is to switch to any local Windows Account instead of Microsoft account. You can go with this option only when you have an email account to get signed in to your Windows device.
  • You can also opt for the option of protection by putting up a password for the Windows screen saver. For this:
  • Go to the start option of your device
  • And type screensaver on the typing area
  • Now you will get to choose the option of turning on or off screensaver.
  • After this the screensaver window will open up
  • Set the screen saver to none and then check the option saying display the logon screen on resume
  • Now click on apply and confirm your setting by clicking on ok and bingo!

That is all that you can do. Hope that the use of all these will help you in getting relieved from the automatic sign in Hotmail.

The 4 solutions to help you with a problem of Hotmail login in Windows 10

If you are facing a problem related to your Hotmail login, then do not worry. One of the four solutions mentioned here will certainly help you with that:

  • Solution1st

First and foremost, try the basic solutions provided by Microsoft like resetting passwords. If you have forgotten you’re your password, go to the option saying forget password and follow the steps thereafter. Following the steps by Microsoft you can reset your password. Or if your account is blocked for some reason, troubleshoot of the Msn Hotmail will help you with that then you can easily Sign in hotmail .

  • Solution 2nd

Change the setting related to group policy. If you are aware about all your account details but is still unable to get logged in then follow these few quick steps:

  • Go to search and type group policy editor and then edit the settings or policies
  • Navigate these as well:
  • Computer configuration, then go to policies, then windows settings and then security settings, then go to the local policies and security options and then choose other and then accounts. Once you reach accounts block Microsoft Accounts settings.
  • Solution 3rd

Try editing your registry if none of the above work. Search the ways to get this done and you will find a few applications to help you out in the process. The registry fixing will probably help you in all.

  • Solution 4th

See whether your account has been hacked. Although Hotmail login or Microsoft accounts for that matter are the safest options to go with but if none of the above settings help you with a successful Hotmail login, then there are chances that you are hacked. Changing your passwords and recovering your accounts will probably be the best solution in such cases. Check for the recent activities of your account to get the confirmation of the fact whether your account has been hacked or not.

3 quick tips to help you in troubleshooting your problems when you are go for Hotmail sign in

When you go for Hotmail sign –in, like any other accounts you also might face some problems in the course of use. Here are some useful tips in quickly getting out of the common Hotmail problems:

  • Go for PST scan

Those PST documents will unavoidably create blunders. When they do, they can keep Outlook from working efficiently. At the point when you find that Outlook is beginning to whine, one of the main things to do is to run scanpst.exe against every PST record utilized inside Outlook.

Yet, be cautioned: Scan PST can set aside some opportunity to run. It needs to move down your information document, scan for blunders, and repair any mistakes found. If the information document is extensive, this procedure can take a long while. To run Scan PST, you’ll have to find the scanpst.exe executable.

  • Look for the archives

Although not really a troubleshooting tip per se, there are times when a PST file will grow so large it causes problems with Outlook. Instead of letting that PST continue to get unwieldy, it’s best to set up archiving. When the data file has reached the access of users’ allocated space, I always encourage them to archive by year. This method ensures that they will be archiving the largest amount of data to their local directory (thereby clearing up space on the server). This will also shrink the PST and alleviate issues associated with a too-large PST. After this is done, I recommend running Scan PST.

  • Rename the OST files

Sometimes, when you exploit a privately reserved information file, at the time of renaming their current OST file is sufficient to determine a lot of issues. Simply close Outlook, open the organizer that stores their information files and ensure you can see the augmentation names, and change the .ost expansion to something like .old. Whenever Outlook opens, it will modify that .ost file and Outlook ought to be as great as new.

3 best setting solutions when you have a problem in sending or receiving email after login Hotmail

When you login Hotmail and find out that you are unable to send email or even receive at times, then that might be a big reason to worry for you. But we say, don’t! Apply these settings solution to get your problems resolved:


hotmail sign up

Sometimes you are confident that you have put in the correct password but are unable to send or receive any mail after you login Hotmail. But if you reset the password or simply retype the password the issue might get solved. This is because when you copy paste passwords and not type them, some browsers like Firefox takes the extra space that is copied while you copy the password and this is where you go wrong and is unable to send mail.Sign in hotmail is so simple but if you enter wrong password then you cannot sign in hotmail .

  • At times mail servers crash — not frequently but rather it can be seen sometimes on Plesk and WHM/cPanel servers. Essentially restarting the device from the control board regularly settles the issue.There can be a general system issue and you may need to simply attempt it soon again. In the event that the issue holds on, you could have a DNS issue. If you find that the DNS is not working, you won’t have the capacity to determine the domain name. Obviously, it could be something straightforward – like a mistakenly spelled domain name or something simpler and similar.
  • Getting the ISP blocking port 25 is a typical issue on customer support work areas. Numerous ISPs compel you to use their own SMTP servers regardless of the possibility that you have your own. ATT DSL, U-verse, and Comcast frequently square port 25 as a matter of course. It can even be observed on business accounts. You can test if port 25 is obstructed by using a telnet customer to associate with port 25. On most business accounts, the will allow port 25, if not contact your service providers. Progressively, private accounts are for all time blocked and you will be unable to send email with the exception by means of your suppliers SMTP services.

A quick glance at resolving the two major problems with Hotmail sign up- an account that is blocked and an account that is hacked

The most serious problems that people face while Hotmail sign up is when they have their accounts blocked and when they have them hacked. There are solutions for cases of sign in hotmail, so do not worry and follow these:

  • Is there a solution to get back a blocked Hotmail sign up ?

Fortunately, there is. It includes going through a couple of your unique security questions accurately, and once you have successfully done this then Microsoft will re-establish access to your account.

  • The primary thing to do is attempt to re-establish access to your account by trying to sign in. Here you will find that you need go through an identity verification process. This should be clear – your email address given as an alternative may be used, for example, or you may need to give the response to a security question you have set.
  • If neither of these choices are conceivable then you should give other alternative data saved, such as the number of your credit card in the event that you use Xbox Live as well.

Hopefully you should get a positive resolution, but in the event that you have misused your account, expect to find that your information is lost for eternity.

  • Resolving hacked accounts

On the off chance that your account has been hacked, it is far less demanding to get things back on track.

  • Begin by attempting to sign in hotmail. At this stage, a blocked account will be occupied to another page, saying that your account has been blocked, which fundamentally clarifies why the account has been blocked and what you should do to re-establish get to.
  • Then again, on the off chance that you’ve seen odd conduct or can’t sign in because you have suspicions about your account, tap the tab asking can’t get to your account? And then follow the steps as required after this.
  • This procedure starts by Microsoft sending a confirmation code to your cell phone or the email address saved as an alternative.
  • Once the code is gotten, enter it in the space – you will then be made a request to reset your secret key or your password simply.