How to setup the msn hotmail account? Find out with the following 11 steps.

MSN Hotmail is owned by Microsoft which one of the many services that is available by this company. All the services that are provided are basically free. This web based account you can easily check your emails in your inbox from all over the world. You will have access the email and be able to send and receive the messages. The spam will be specifically kept out of the inbox.

The rich formatting will also be included while you are editing your email. The msn hotmail will integrate a variety of related features that will be very useful for user interface. The windows live group also has a whole lot of integrated services which are free and the services can be used for the benefit of the users.

    • To create to email account, Hotmail will require your basic information.
    • When you register with the username and the chosen password, you will be creating an email account of your own.
    • The domain name will be either or
    • Personal details will be asked during the registration process.
    • Details like name date of birth, country, and zip code will be asked to input in respective fields,
    • Make sure you have kept a note about the input in a diary, in case you forget your password, and you will be asked such personal details to confirm your identity.

  • If you are not able to fill in the details, in case of forgetting the password, there might be a chance you may lose this account forever,
  • After the registration is done, to check if you are not a robot, you will be asked to write a code appearing on the screen. After successful application of the code, you will finally have access to your email account.
  • You can even use email clients for profound experience. You can either choose Outlook or thunderbird depending on your choice.
  • With the required PO3 settings, and the inputting of your email id and password, you can successfully configure the client,
  • Hotmail settings can be detected by windows live mail automatically due to their integration.

This is why having an internet connection is much advantageous to you. In these times of globalisation, you are able to send and receive emails and messages across the globe. There are technologies which are allowing you to send and receive messages to outer space. Hence, such times of easy access of the world, the earth does appear small.

Know the basics of Sending and receiving an email with hotmail account with the following 13 steps:

Like any other web based email provider, msn hotmail also provides the same services and lets you handle the emails.

msn hotmailOnce you have signed in successfully to your msn hotmail account, you will be taken to the inbox directly.

  • The inbox is where every new and fresh mail is stored. It is a default process.
  • The bold ones which you will see are the ones which have not been opened yet. You can mark them to be unread after reading it. This option makes the email bold again.
  • If you click the message, it will open and you will be able to read it.
  • Click on the ‘reply’ button to send a response to the existing email.
  • You can choose to ‘Forward’ the existing email, once you have seen it,
  • To type a fresh email, click on the ‘New’ Button.
  • Type the receiver’s email address in the ‘To’ box carefully, if you right it wrongly, the email will not be delivered to the intended address.
  • Write a subject for your email and type the message in the body of the email.
  • The message that you type in can be represented in rich text or the default HTML format.
  • You can even add pictures, hyperlinks, and emoticons (cute little smiley faces) in the message body.
  • Click on the send button to send your email to the recipient’s email address.
  • It will actually deliver the email to the email server which will redirect it to the receiver’s email inbox.

Additional settings while using the msn hotmail account with the following 7 steps

Once you start using hotmail account, you will notice that your inbox tends to fill up fast. Hotmail has introduced several tools to control the emails that you receive in your inbox.

  • You can add filters to keep the promotional and advertisement based emails out of your inbox,
  • Unsafe email address, pornography sites, and malware software links must be instantly removed to the junk folder, they tend to carry virus in their software and once you open them there might be possible threats to your computer,
  • The folder option lets you compile emails of one person into a separate file, for easiness of access.
  • The organisational skills will be definably come in handy once you have to compile and sort your emails out in the inbox folder.
  • You can even customise the email account’s appearance. The theme section in the settings is a fun way to juice things up in your email account.
  • To access the themes, go to the settings, then click on options, then click on ‘more options’.
  • Hotmail will save your preferences after you have changed the settings.

msn mail

The additional settings are to be used only when you are sure of the other functionalities of the email account. Make sure you read the instructions carefully before you go crazy with the mouse button. You can always go for Windows Support Forums where you will have the access to frequently asked questions and the technical support who will guide you with all your queries.

The setting up of the email client like Outlook or thunderbird will require a technical support for setting up the application. Even though all the services are free, you will only require a little bit of time to avail the good services that Microsoft is providing.

Check MSN mail without using Hotmail with these following 10 steps:

There are a variety of applications available for you to access the MSN mail in case you do not wish to access the Hotmail email address. Desktop programs for email like Microsoft Outlook and thunderbird can be linked to the msn account and the messages will be imported. Other web based email providers like yahoo or Gmail can be set up for you to access your MSN mail. You can simply access the msn email for messages rather that going to the inbox. You will just have to download the windows application named windows live messenger, which will notify you every time you have a new email. The program will be running in the background. This way you will not have to keep the browser open. Every time you get a new message, you will receive a notification from the application, hence decreasing the need to open msn hotmail every time. Here are the steps:

  • Browse the internet for finding the windows live messenger page which has the app ready for download.
  • Click on the download button for downloading the ‘wlsetup-web.exe’ file for installation,
  • Run the file after download to open the windows live.
  • Choose the application you intend for installation process
  • Click on the install button.
  • After installation is complete and successful, open the application,
  • Carefully input your email address and password and sign in the msn hotmail account.
  • Click on the ‘skip’ button on the next two pop up screens to successfully launch windows messenger.
  • Every time you receive a message, you will get a notification
  • The application will be running in the background and hence will relieve you from opening the hotmail account every time you have to check any new email.

msn hotmail sign in

How to successfully import to Windows Hotmail from MSN email? Find out with 8 steps.

It is always easy to use one email account, isn’t it? This is why you must opt for the combination of two accounts such as that of Hotmail and MSN mail accounts in the following steps. Hotmail allows its users to bring in the messages from 4 other PO3 providers. This way you only have to utilise one inbox. The MSN email that you receive will be automatically downloaded to the Hotmail inbox. You also have the choice to leave your messages on the MSN mail server as well.

Following are the steps to integrate the two accounts into one:

  • Type in in your browser. Input your email address and the required password to sign in,
  • Hover your mouse to the corner of the screen and click on the ‘Options’ from the pop up that appears
  • Click on the ‘msn email’ and then another pop up appears, where the receiving and sending of mail from different accounts will be written,
  • This will appear under the ‘administer your accounts’ section,
  • Then an option will appear so as to add another email account,
  • Type in the full email address that you have with in the field of email address, then enter your obligatory password in the mandatory field,
  • Click ‘next’ for the verification process of the email address and the password that you have input,
  • After the verification process is done, your messages will start appearing in your account.

msn hotmail

Hence, with such simple processes, you will be able to combine the two msn email accounts into one and not go through the pain of checking two email accounts simultaneously. These features are built in for the users to enjoy the hotmail interfaces very smoothly. Being a user, you must avail of these services and the best part is they are all free.

9 Steps to use a webcam with the msn hotmail sign in account

The free email services that hotmail provides is one of the many applications of Microsoft. For sending and receiving instant messages, you can connect your account with the windows messenger which will allow you to import your hotmail contacts. Apart from messages, you can even share photos, files and links. Apart from that, you can even enjoy live video calls with the help of your webcam. Video chatting is just another feature Microsoft is providing which you can use via the hotmail account. By following a few steps in the settings, you can connect the webcam with your hotmail account and initiate a video call. Just follow the steps which will be able you to connect the webcam with your Msn hotmail sign in account.

  • If you have the windows live messenger installed in your computer, then go on directly to launch the application from the computer,
  • Enter your email id and the required password for accessing the Hotmail Login account,
  • Plug in the USB cable of the camera (know that this process of attaching USB cable to the computer is only for the times when you do not have any webcam attached to your computer monitor or the laptop)
  • You will see the tools button and click on it,
  • Then click on the video and audio setup button.
  • Click on next for furthering your settings with the webcam attachment process,
  • Make sure that the camera is in position and in level with your face. Adjust the webcam if it is not in position.
  • You can use the arrows for adjusting the brightness of the display screen. You can even adjust the contrast just like the brightness screen.
  • Click on any contact to make a video call.

This way you can attach the webcam and have a nice face to face conversation with these above mentioned steps.