The 5 quick steps of signing up to a Hotmail E-mail account

The Hotmail email service was commercially launched way back in the year 1996 in the month of July. This Hotmail service was founded by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. The Hotmail email service was one of the first mailing services on the Internet. The other mailing service that was launched around the same time was Four 11’s RocketMail which later came to be known as Yahoo! Mail. This was the first time that a mailing service over the internet was free from ISP based email.

This enabled the user to access his mailbox from anywhere around the globe. By signing up for Hotmail, one can now easily keep up with not only his email but instant messaging, XBOX LIVE and all other services offered by Microsoft. This all could be done with one single Windows Live Account. Access to your PC, smartphones or MAC can be facilitated by the OneDrive of the Windows Hotmail.

Hotmail is the simplest way to create and manage an email id. It is hassle free, quick and almost self managed. You do not have to be a pro to create a Hotmail id. All you need to do is have some time and a little intention of creating an email id for self. It is assured that once you have created a Hotmail id by signing up, you will never have to regret as all your files remain accessible from this single account. By following the below given 5 steps word by word you shall be able to make yourself an id in the world’s best mailing service offered over the internet. All that you will need to do is first browse through and go through the above mentioned site in details. It is always advisable to go through the pros and cons of the mailing service beforehand. Though, there are hardly any cons in this service. Then you will have to find the “sign-up” option and duly fill it. After due filling of the form and other necessities you can create an account for yourself. This entire process should not take more than 10 minutes. Here are the detailed steps you need to follow to make the Hotmail account:

  1. First, go to the website Here you will find there are two options, “sign up” and “sign in”. The “sign in” option is for the people who already have a Hotmail account. Here all they need to do is fill up their email id and the password. By clicking on submit they shall have access to their organized mail box and many more. The “sign up” option is for people who want to have a Hotmail account for themselves and as the name of the option suggests, want to sign up for the mailing service of Hotmail. If you desire to create a new account in Hotmail you will need to sign up. To sign up to the services you will have to follow the next given steps
  2. Of course by now you have already spotted the “sign in” and “sign up” options in the website . Now, next what you will be required to do is click on the “sign up” option. Please remember that the “sign in” option is for people who already have an account with Hotmail. When you click on the “sign up” option, you shall find a form popping up in your computer or phone screen. This form will require you to fill in your name, date of birth, gender and other general information.  hotmail email
  • ü The first thing that the form shall ask for is your name. You will have to write in both your first name and surname in the exact boxes in which they are meant to be written. If you have a middle name, write that too in the correct place.
  • ü Then you shall be required to choose an email id for yourself. The website gives you the liberty to choose your email id if it is already not in use. The email id should resemble something like this- . If the one you desire to have is already not in use you shall be assigned the same. But if it is in use you will be required to choose something else. You are supposed to keep choosing unless an email id is accepted.
  • ü Now you shall require to put in a password to keep the email account of yours safe and guarded. The password has to be a combination of upper case and lower case alphabets, numbers and special characters. One more thing is to be kept in mind that passwords are case sensitive. Thus, you are suppose to remember it as it is for signing in the next time. You will then require to confirm the password.
  • ü Now, put in the details about your region from the countries listed by Hotmail. All countries are listed here. You will need to mention the zip code hotmail
  • ü You will have to mention your date of birth next. Along with this you will have to select an option from the list of genders mentioned. The drop box is available for both of this to avoid confusion.
  1. Now, you will be required to fill in the captcha given in the said box to prove that you are not a robot. The captcha is shown in a little distorted way. A robot shall not be able to read it. You need to carefully read it and then type. Read it twice if required. But if you are not being to understand what is given there is another option available of verifying the characters by listening to it.
  2. Then you are supposed to read the terms and conditions mentioned by Hotmail and click on the “I Agree” option.
  3. Once you are done with all of the above given steps just click on sign up and voila! You are done. Now, enjoy having a Hotmail account.

The 5 advantages of using an Email Hotmail

Hotmail email services are one of the most popular mailing services over the Internet. This of course has some reasons. The email Hotmail comes laden with a lot of advantages. It being one of the first mailing services in the Internet had some upper hand over other mailing services that were launched afterwards, like Gmail by Google. Some of the advantages are being listed below:

  • The first benefit of having a email Hotmail account is that you have an option of personal folders in it. This of course helps one in organizing their emails, which is sorting them into different folders. Having different folders for different kind of mails is always a good idea. This lessens the hassle of having to look through all the mails when you need to find only login page
  • Another striking benefit of using this is that it has the feature of Microsoft Office support. Other mailing options to have this feature but the file compatibility is more in this case.
  • A Email Hotmail account can be synchronized with the contacts that are there in your social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc. This Hotmail account of yours shall maintain and safeguard all the contacts of your social accounts. It will also remind you of special dates like that of a friend’s birthday and so on. The Hotmail also allows one to socialize with Facebook or other accounts in a single window and that too directly.
  • A Hotmail email service user can use the Exchange ActiveSync Support free of cost. The other mail service users too can use it but usually they need to pay for it.
  • The best benefit though is that there are no sudden advertisements popping up in your screen while you are at work via your Hotmail email account. This ad popping up in middle of checking your important mail can really be irritating otherwise.

The 4 things to keep in mind when handling the Hotmail login page

Once you have successfully signed up for a Hotmail email account you shall get access to hassle free mailing services over the internet for sure. This Hotmail account is going to save you so much of your precious time because of its efficiency and organized management of each segment, from your personal folder to your social accounts like Twitter. But, when you have to get access to your account after creating it, you have to go through the Hotmail login page that comes up when you browse . Here are some of the things one has to keep in mind when login in hotmail login page.

hotmail email login

You have come to the login page because you want to access your already existing account. This means, this is for people who already have an account with Hotmail.

  • The login page shall have lesser fields to fill in when compared to a sign up option. Thus, do not get surprised if you do not have to fill up as much information as you had previously while signing up.
  • All you will need to do is type in your email id, which you had chosen while creating the account and which had been duly accepted. Please, do not forget the email id. The id is also case sensitive. If you had chosen something like- you cannot put in and expect to be directed to your account.
  • Then you will need to type in the password which you had chosen and confirmed while signing up. Here too once again you have to remember that the password too is case sensitive. This means if you have initially has abc101 as your password; ABC101 is not going to get you logged in. Thus, remember it exactly.

However, if you have forgotten it, you can always click on the “Help” option available in the login page itself and retrieve it back.

The 5 steps to change your Hotmail email login password

Once you have started using your Hotmail email login account on a daily basis you will realize how convenient it is to use and manage all your folders and file, social accounts and so much more. This Hotmail account of yours shall have a lot of things contained in it about you. As you shall be receiving all kind of mails here, if you opt to do so, even mails containing sensitive information like your bank account details, etc. too may be present in the inbox. Thus, it is always advisable that only you have an access to this account, and this shall be ensured by the secret password. However, it may so happen that somebody gets to know about this password. Then it is required that you change your hotmail email login password. Here is how you can do it.

hotmail account login

Firstly, you will have to login in order to change your password. You have to login to your email online by using .

  • Then, you should be able to spot a gear icon in the upper right corner of the page. Click the gear icon. Now you will require clicking the “More mail settings”. This will appear as a drop down menu when you click the gear icon.
  • Next, a page shall appear under “Managing your account”. Here you shall find a option “Account details (password, addresses, time zone)”. Click on this option.
  • Now, on the next page you might be asked for your present password again for security reasons. Once you type in the existing password, the Overview page will open.
  • Now, again look for the Password and Security Information section in the page and click on the “Change Password” link. Now you shall have again put in your existing password, the new password you want to have, confirm it and then you have successfully changed your password.

Remember that your password should not be known to any person around you. As by letting the person know your account password you are exposing yourself to a lot of risk.

The 3 steps to follow when you are not able to get through the Hotmail account login

It may so happen that you want to access your Hotmail account but are unable to pass through the hotmail account login. In such a scenario one should not get nervous and rather try to get through it by following the below given tips.

hotmail live

Of course when you are logging in you will type in your password in the assigned place. Now, even after typing the password that is correct to the best of your knowledge you are unable to log in do not fret. Check whether the password has been typed in the proper case. As already said before, passwords of Hotmail accounts are case sensitive. Check that each character is put in the correct case only. One should also see if the spelling is correct, we often tend to mistakenly miss out on a character or so.

  • If you are sure that the password you have entered is correct but still you are not being able to get through, it is best you reset the password by the following means:
  • Ø Click on the “Forgot Password” option available below the sign in hotmail option.
  • Ø Then reset the password. You will have to choose from the given options the reason for resetting the password.
  • Ø You will then have to enter the alternative email id or the registered phone number or answer a security question.
  • Ø Now click on “next” option.  Verify the captcha and you have successfully reset your account password.
  • If you are still unable to get through the login page, it means you have some other sort of problem. It may be that you are unable to get the security code. It may also be that your account has been temporarily blocked for some reason or recently, you have set in a two step security verification procedure. It may also be so that the internet connection is not stable. In these cases, you may try to log in from any other local account other than a Microsoft account.You can easily login on your Hotmail Account.

The 4 most frequently asked questions about hotmail live

Hotmail live is relatively newer than the entire hotmail account thing. Let us put in this way that hotmail live is a new feather in the Hotmail services. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about hotmail live :

  1. What services one can expect from hotmail live?

Windows live hotmail supports web based email with spam blocking. It supports upto 5 GB in the mailbox and 10 MB per attachment. For popular email clients it supports POP3 and IMAP. It also supports Outlook Connector for Office Outlook. Online calendar, password protected storage for more than 1000 documents in Microsoft Office Live, instant messaging for online chats, huge storage space up to 7 GB through Windows Live SkyDrive, etc. are some of the best you can expect of this service. You can also indulge in photo sharing through it.

  1. What is its relationship with email services provided by some Universities?

Services like that if GApps are considered supplementary to this service by Msn hotmail email.

  1. How do one set up his Hotmail to access the live account and manage it too?

All Windows Live Hotmail accounts inclusive of mslive accounts can be used with Microsoft Outlook 2007 or Office Outlook 2003. To access your mslive account you have to first download the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector for Windows Live Hotmail, which is available from Microsoft.

  1. Does the Windows Live offer support for POP3?

Yes, of course you can retrieve all that is there in the account with a client or device that supports POP3. POP3 is very much available in Windows hotmail live.

Hotmail services have been thriving since its inception because of the many things it has been able to incorporate in itself through the years. Hotmail live too is one such service. The popularity of Hotmail email is never going to end in the near future if it is able to adapt to the new needs of the World Wide Web.