All About Your Account- From Sign up, Signin, Login & FAQs

The 6 steps for a quick and easy Hotmail Signup

Services of Microsoft can now be made easy with the Hotmail sign up and that too with just one single Windows Live account. The OneDrive of the Windows Hotmail allows you to get an access to your PC, MAC, smartphone and any other such devices. In other words, the Windows Hotmail is the simplest way to get an email id that can be accessed from anywhere of your wish. Here are the steps that will guide to get you signed up in Hotmail email .

Signing up to Hotmail is simple. All you need is to take out a little time and invest them in browsing through the and find out the options to sign up. Once you successfully find the option to Hotmail  sign up now you will simply require filling out the required forms having the basic contact and identity verification and then set up your desired password. Now you are all ready to use this awesome service. Know from below the detailed steps involved signing up to Hotmail:

  1. Go to the website of Hotmail ( Now you will get two option, “sign up” and “sign in”.Then click on hotmail sign up If you already have an existing account with Hotmail, you will just require clicking on the sign in option. After clicking on sign in you will require filling up the required fields i.e., you email id and the password that you have set during signing up. And if you do not have an account with the Hotmail then simple make an account on sign in hotmail, then you will require clicking on the sign up option and then follow up the next stepshotmail login
  2. Soon you click on the sign up option, you will find a form coming up which will ask you about your name and other general information. This is where you will have to put up your security and general information.Hotmail signin
  • You will be first asked to enter you name and then you will require to choose a suitable email id for yourself. Like, and so on. If the id that you put in is available i.e., is not already used by someone else before you then you can move on to the next step or else you will have you choose another id. Keep choosing till it gets accepted.
  • You will now require creating a password for your account that is to be created. Make sure that you use a smart password for your hotmail sign up account. Make it a combination of upper and lower case alphabets, numbers and special characters. One more thing, the passwords are case sensitive. You password should contain a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 16 characters. For the best security of your hotmail sign up account, use the maximum characters possible.
  • After this you will require confirming the password just created. In simple words you will require re-inputting the password in the next tab that asks for confirmation.
  • After this you will require filling in the information regarding your region. From US to Zimbabwe, Hotmail sign up account have all the countries listed to choose from. Select your country from the drop-box and move to the next step.
  • You will now require putting your zip code or Pincode. And then move to the next step.
  • The next tab of the form asks you for your date of birth. Put in your date of birth as month, day and year. You won’t face any confusion in this part because you will get the drop box and all you need is to select the appropriate options from them.
  • The next you will require filling your gender. You can select from the options of male, female and not specified in this field. Choose the one that is appropriate for you.

  1. Now comes one of the most important parts of your hotmail sign up process. As human beings we all tend to forget things. And therefore we might also forget the passwords or the email id created and therefore for the best protection of your hotmail sign up account, you will require putting up additional security options that will help Microsoft in protecting your information.
  • In this step you will first require putting your country code on hotmail sign up . For example if you are from India, the country code will be +91. Do not worry about looking up to your country code. Here also you will find a drop box with your country name and code. All you will need is to select the one from them.
  • Next you will have to put in your phone number. This is important because if some day, if you want to retrieve your hotmail sign up account when you have forgotten the set password or the email id, then the password to unlock your account will be sent to the registered phone number after which you can change your password to a new one from the settings of the hotmail sign up account.
  • In the next step you will require putting your alternative email id. This is again a security measure for resetting your password if you lose it sign up
  • You also have the option to input security questions and answers to them for additional security. Remember, you have to set the security answer in 8 characters at maximum.

One thing that you need to remember that this step is not a mandatory one i.e., filling all is not required. Filling anyone of the contact number or alternative email id will also do. But for the best security update all along with the security question and answers.

  1. Now you will require putting up the captcha for verifying that you are not a robot which actually a spam guard. You can either verify by putting in the characters shown or by listening to the audio.
  2. Once you are done with this click on hotmail sign up. By clicking on the sign up you actually, agree to the term and conditions of the service. To complete the process you will require clicking on “I Agree” option down the
  3. You are now successfully signed in to your Hotmail login account

Sync your Hotmailemail to other devices with the two most popular ways- the IMAP and the POP3

The Hotmail Sign up users get an access to the IMAP and POP3 account settings option for their emails to help them sync the Hotmail email to all the devices.

Setting up IMAP

  • First, go to the settings, then choose accounts inside settings and then go to incoming
  • Put in server address as imap-
  • Put in server port as 993
  • Click on yes when you are asked whether or not go with SSL
  • Now put in your user name when asked for. The user name will be the same that you use as your email id for logging in to your Hotmail account.
  • Now you will be asked for the password. Put in the same password that you use for logging in to your Hotmail account.
  • Save your settings and move to the next tab named as outgoing
  • Put the SMTP server address as smtp-
  • The SMTP server number to be put in as 587
  • Authenticate the server and choose the option TLS when asked for the secure connection.
  • Save your settings and you are done.

Setting up POP3

  • Follow the same process just put in for server setting in the incoming tab
  • And the server port as 995
  • Follow the same procedure as above for the rest of the gaps in the incoming tab and after saving the changes move on to the outgoing tab.
  • In this tab, the entire thing will be followed as the same way as you did for the IMAP settings.
  • After you are done with filling all the relevant information, do not forget to save them. After you have saved your entered data you are all done.

These are the two best things that are available to the Hotmail email users to sync their accounts with all the devices that they use so that you can access your email from any place and any device. You can also get this set up done manually.

Get your Hotmail mail on your MAC with these 10 easy steps

Using Hotmail mail in the MACOS mail using the IMAP settings

  • Go to the menu in the MACOS mail and then choose the Mail/Preferences
  • Now select Account
  • Click on the “+” icon in the last of the list under Account
  • Choose the option called other mail account that you will find in the list under the “choose a mail account provider”
  • Now continue
  • Use your name as the same given for your Hotmail Sign up account under the name tab
  • Use your email id as the same given for your Hotmail account under the email tab
  • And do the same with the Passwords tab. Make sure that if you have a double step verification enabled for your Hotmail login in then make application password and then use it for your MACOS mail.
  • Now sign in. See that you have already checked the mail option. If you want to have your notes synced to the Hotmailmail then attach the notes application to the Hotmail and then click on and select the option done.
  • You are now all done.

You can also get it done through the POP3 settings. The settings are all same for both with little differences. Combining both the Windows Hotmail mail and the MACOS is a great option. And you can get this done easily with the process mentioned above. Now have Hotmail on your MAC and enjoy the best of the Windows services. Download it to your MAC X mail and get you mails and other best of the Windows mail facilities on your mail. Get it done through the IMAP settings which is one of the best options to go with. Except for the POP3, another option to go is with is via the MACfree POPs option. The MACfree POPs allows you to get the Hotmail mail downloaded to your MAC device so that you can use it.

The 6 advantages of using the Hotmail account

The advantages of using the Hotmail account:

  • One of the most striking features of the Hotmail login account is that you have an option to have personal folders. With personal folders option, you can sort your mails as you wish so that you can easily get them whenever you require.
  • The Microsoft Office support is another feature and advantage of using the Hotmail account. Although you can also use the Microsoft office support from other mail options with Hotmail, but the file compatibility option is more in this case. You can directly open the office files in the Skydrive along with that use the traditional way of using the Office. You can have you Office files uploaded and edited directly online. In simple words you get more advantages of the Office.
  • You get the one window access to your Facebook while you are already using the Hotmail account. In simple words the account allows you to socialize with your Facebook and other social accounts directly in one window.
  • Another better feature of the Hotmailaccount is that you can get synchronised with the contacts of your other social accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The account maintains al your details of the social accounts and reminds you of all the birthdays and other important notifications.
  • The best part of the Hotmail account is that it does not pop any ads. This is less irritating and allows you to work hassle free.
  • The Exchange ActiveSync Support is an absolute free service for the Hotmail users. For other mails this service is generally paid.

These are the benefits of using the Hotmail account. So if you do not have an account now sign in today. These benefits will allow you to use the best of the Microsoft’s features that will allow you to have a smooth usage.

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The 5 most common MSN Hotmail related FAQs

The FAQs related to the MSN Hotmail account:

  • Is it possible to have more than one email id?

Yes, it is definitely possible to have more than one email ids. Not only one but even multiple ids are possible as long as you can remember all your passwords and email ids and manage it well. There are many people in the planet who actually uses multiple email accounts for different purposes like one for the official works, one for the friends and so on.

  • What can be done when I have a problem with the captcha?

For a problem with the captcha you will get an option to refresh and get a new one. Continue getting a new one until you can successfully crack it. Do not worry they are in reality a little messy.

  • What option do I have when I do not have a phone number?

The phone number part is not mandatory. You get the option to put in either an alternative mail id or a phone number along with the security question option for password recovery security.

  • Can I log on my MSN Hotmail in another device? If yes then how?

You definitely can. And for that just go to the address bar and type and put in your email id and password in the required tabs and sign in.

  • What if it says that the email is already a part of a reserved domain?

If it says so that means that the id is already used by someone else. So in such cases you will require choosing another name. Keep trying this unless you stop getting this message for your id entered.

There are multiple other questions that are regularly asked but these are some of the most asked questions by the users before and after joining the MSN Hotmail account.

The 4 tips that can save you when you are unable to get the Hotmail sign in

Tips to follow when you are unable to have the Hotmail sign in:

  • If you have your password correct and are still unable to get signed in then make sure that you have put the password with the proper case as the passwords you set for the Hotmail Sign up as already said is case sensitive. Or else check the spelling. Sometimes because your keyboard might have a fault, you can have your password entered right but typed wrong.
  • Sometimes the problems of the browser stands as a major barrier in a successful Either clear the history of the browser or get the sign in done from another browser so that you can have a clear idea about the root cause of the problem.
  • If the above two does not work the next option you have is to reset your password. For resetting the password of your Hotmail sign in:
  • Click on forgot password below the sign in option
  • Then reset password of hotmail sign up
  • Then choose a reason to reset the password
  • Enter the alternative email id, phone number or/and the security question you have set in
  • Now click on next and verify the captcha and you are done.
  • If the problem still persists, then you will have some sort of other problems. You might have one of the problems listed below:
  • You are unable to get the security code
  • Your profile might be temporarily blocked
  • If you have set in a two-step security verification procedure recently.
  • Times when you are travelling and do not have a stable network
  • Trying a Hotmail sign in from any other local account other than a Microsoft account.

These are the possible ways by which you can get into your Hotmail sign in when you cannot sign in normally.